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We should all be more conscious of what we put on our plate and where it has come from. Scientists widely agree that the single most effective impact you can have on climate change is to reduce the amount of red meat and dairy products you eat. We've put together some simple (and delicious) recipe ideas for you to try.

Eat More Plants: Causes

Food for thought...

The global food system is damaging our planet. It is one of the leading causes of climate change, land use, freshwater use and pollution through fertilisers and pesticides, and this is only expected to get worse unless we take action.

According to a University of Oxford study, if everybody cut meat and dairy from their diet there could be…

  • A 49 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from food production. (The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations claims that livestock is responsible for a whopping 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.)

  • A 76 per cent reduction in land used for food production (67 percent of deforestation for agriculture, which causes carbon to be released into the atmosphere, is driven by the need for land for animal feed and pasture.)

  • A 49 per cent reduction in eutrophication, where nutrients from fertilisers run into lakes and rivers, damaging ecosystems and reducing biodiversity.

  • A 19 per cent reduction in fresh water withdrawals weighted by local water scarcity. Water production, which includes extraction, transportation and filtration, is energy intensive.

Eat More Plants: Text
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